Local Government: Thought Leadership

Bright Content helped Boomi attract hundreds of attendees to a webinar through a content marketing campaign based on blogs, articles and social media.


Display Advertising Campaign

Lingoda wanted to accelerate sign-ups to its service by moving from digital to a real-world display campaign. Bright Content developed a series of concepts and coverlines to inspire new customers.


Voice synthesis explained

How do the latest machine learning models imitate celebrities and spread fake news? This article explains complex technology in clear language for a business audience.


Halloween recruitment campaign

Bright Content produced the script and storyboard behind this attention-grabbing recruitment campaign.


Can artificial intelligence write pop songs?

Cutting through the hype to explain how AI can help, but not replace, creative professionals.

Digital Leadership Associates

Blogging for beginners

From writing your first post, to publishing daily. We wrote this guide to blogging originally for Digital Leadership Associates before being shared by Little Bird Marketing in the US.


Financial risk management white paper

In the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, Misys (now Finastra) wanted to reposition its risk management offer to better protect and support financial institutions.


Creative campaign: Do Not Disturb

How do you attract the attention of busy consultants at a top financial conference? Bright Content conceived an ‘in-real-life’ campaign that used do not disturb signs to convey a memorable campaign message.



Animated social campaign

Combining branded graphics and punchy copy lines, this animated clip helped take Lingoda’s Marathon product from trial run to one of the world’s best-known language learning programmes.

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How it works video

Conceived, scripted and managed the launch of this animated ‘how it works’ video for one of the world’s leading online language learning platforms.

Digital Drum

Guide to employee advocacy

How to turn employees into influencers

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