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Five ways to make curated content stand out on social media

Forget copy and paste. Use these techniques to make your curated content stand out on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Content curation for social is more than just using the share buttons on a blog or news website. If you just repeat the same headline as the original author, your voice will get lost in the millions of posts shared every day.

I’ve written about sourcing articles in an earlier article, so let’s dive straight in to how to enhance a curated social post.

1. Give your opinion

Tell your followers what you think of the article before the headline itself. Here’s a selection of statements that I’ve used in the past week:

· The difference between AI and automation explained. Really good introduction to the fundamentals of AI.

· As we wait for some good old-fashioned clarity on the future of Tiktok, YouTube officially launches its own competitor, Shorts.

· Copywriting klaxon! Perceptual contrast is a brilliant technique that every copywriter should learn.

2. Add an emoji

Emojis are the salt, pepper and sugar of curated social media. Use them sparingly and they’ll give the post a subtle, but distinct flavour. Too many and they leave a bad taste in the mouth.

I use emojis to highlight a heading or a bullet point. I also use them in small clusters to brand original content and articles. If you don't have access to an emoji keyboard then use Emojipedia to copy and paste the icons you need.

3. Flag authors and publications

Take time to track down the author’s social media handle and tag them in the post. You should also include the publication if you can. Most posts tagged this way get a like and a share, especially from the author.

4. Include a TL;DR

Although it stands for ‘too long, didn’t read’, TL;DR is now short hand for, ‘here’s a summary if you don’t have time to read.” You can be pithy or more expansive in your summary depending on the mood.

5. Passle and micro-blogging

I’m a big fan of Passle. Building on the TL;DR message above, Passle enables you to highlight the most relevant section in an article and then write an article that focuses on that point. It’s also a great way to mix in your own knowledge so that you stand out not just as curator, but also as an expert commentator in your field. If you don’t have bandwidth to write a full-length blog, Passle is a great time saver.

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